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The TDR Phoenix WIFI FPV Modular Quadcopter is a medium-sized RC quadcopter with a modular design that allows the user to install/exchange parts based on preference.

TDR Phoenix binding instructions
TDR Phoenix Auto-Hover feature
TDR Phoenix motor and blade replacement
TDR Phoenix factory reset & recalibration

Robin 5.8G

Advanced FPV Drone

TDR Robin intro video
TDR Robin startup video
TDR Robin camera basic video
TDR Robin recalibration video



Fun straight out of the box.

Completely pre-assembled and ready-to-fly!

Pre-programmed stunts includes tornado,

book-flip and triple flips. Inverted flight for

both orientation!

TDR Spider stunts demo video
TDR Spider factory reset & recalibration

Yellow Jacket

Nano WiFi FPV Drone

Yellow Jacket is one of the world’s smallest FPV

(First Person View) drone and is packed with
easy-to-fly technologies such as 360 degree stunt rolling, tornado stunts, quick spins, live stream/video or photos while flying.

TDR Yellow Jacket unboxing video
TDR Yellow Jacket WiFi setup
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